Stainless Steel Hardware Sets

If you are looking for a more polished, elegant look than our Standard Series hardware, our Stainless Steel Series is a great choice. The rounded corners of the roller hangers, the rounded lag bolt cover caps, and the #4 brushed finish complete the contemporary style. Major components are made from solid stainless steel – not plated – for superior durability. Our stainless steel hardware can even be used in areas exposed to moist air where standard steel could rust. Our standard hardware sets work with popular sizes of wood doors. We also offer hardware sets designed to fit glass doors. Add one of our Stainless Steel bypass sets for additional configuration options.

Eight roller hanger styles are now available:

  • straight strap
  • J strap
  • flattop strap
  • soft corner strap
  • straight top mount
  • J top mount
  • flattop top mount
  • soft corner top mount
Goldberg Brothers stainless steel roller hangers

Straight Strap Set

Goldberg Brothers Stainless Steel Series straight strap barn door hardware

Top Mount Set

Goldberg Brothers Stainless Steel Series top mount barn door hardware